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While researching The Ivory Needle, I was moved by both the plight of the elephants and the heroic efforts underway to prevent their extinction  by groups such as the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  This wonderful organization — the inspiration for one of the scenes in The Ivory Needle — flies around Kenya rescuing orphaned and abandoned elephants and raising them in an “orphanage” outside of Nairobi. They form strong bonds with the other orphans, and when old enough, these new families are released back into the wild in Nairobi National Park.

Here’s a video of DSWT’s incredible work:

You can foster one of these beautiful baby elephants! Find out more here.

Some experts predict elephants will be poached to extinction in our lifetime. But nature might provide its own solution. Did you know that more and more elephants are born who never grow tusks? The percentage of tuskless elephants has been increasing dramatically for decades. Elephants without tusks — sad, perhaps — but to my way of thinking, much better than no elephants at all!