The Core Listener

(Previously published as The Girl With the Half & Half Face)

A mysterious knowledge buried deep inside …
A powerful foe who would take it from her by any means …

Kayli-el has trained long and hard to be able to access her Core—but she’s refused to believe in its wisdom or trust its dictates.

And she’s not the only one. The ruthless Cronin Hegemony is determined to learn the secrets of the Core and subvert them for its own purposes. When they murder her Teacher, Kayli-el flees, leaving behind the only other person she loves, her best friend Serene. Now she must depend on her Core to survive.

It guides her to the hiding place of two brothers, Tamber and Tryan, who’ve traveled halfway across the world on a mysterious quest. For Kayli and Tamber, it’s fire at first sight. He can’t stop staring. She can’t stop blushing.

When her Core gives her a new dictate—to follow the brothers back to their homeland—Kayli-el is finally ready, willing, and eager to trust its guidance. But when she learns the Cronin Hegemony has abducted Serene, Kayli-el faces a devastating choice: escape her pursuers with Tamber and Tryan . . . or defy her Core to try to save Serene and risk losing its power forever

The Core Listener is a YA fantasy with a smoking dose of romance, adventure, danger, and fun. It will appeal to fans of Rick Riordan, Ally Carter, and Marissa Meyer.

What a terrific debut novel in YA fiction. The story flows easily and keeps you guessing.” ~ Amazon customer

After chapter one I was totally hooked. This book is full of fun adventure and young love–if only my real life was this exciting! An easy read and fully entertaining.” ~ Anther Amazon customer